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CSin6: Tuition-free CS courses for DOE teachers in Fall 2023

CSin6 (Six Credits of Computing Concepts and Pedagogy) is a professional development opportunity for teachers and paraprofessionals for tuition-free 6-credit sequence of courses.


LaGuardia’s Education Faculty Involved In Cutting Edge Technology Integration (CUNY CITE 2023)

Professors Caterina Almendral, Angela Cornelius, Monika Ekiert, Leigh Garrison-Fletcher, Michele de Goeas-Malone, Givanni Ildefonso, Bede McCormack and Maria Savva have joined a 14-million-dollar, four-year initiative that aims to support teacher educators in infusing computational thinking and computer literacy into their programs. Funded by Google, Gotham Gives, the New York City Department of Education and the Robin Hood Learning Technology Fund, the initiative includes adapting existing lessons and developing instructional units and courses for pre-service teachers, with a focus on equitable and culturally responsive computing education.

After completing intensive professional development centered around computational thinking, computer science and digital literacy through CUNY CITE each of the eight faculty members worked on projects to integrate computational thinking into coursework, in alignment with the New York State Computer Programming and Digital Literacy Standards.


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