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New publications by Prof. Luis Guzmán Valerio

Prof. Luis Guzmán Valerio has recently published a few translation works in Latin American Literature Today (issue no. 23, September 2022). The first is an interview I translated by Antonio Díaz Oliva with Rafael Gumucio about Chilean literature. It is available by following this link: https://latinamericanliteraturetoday.org/2022/09/rafael-gumucio-with-the-death-of-nicanor-parra-the-happy-phase-of-chilean-postmodernity-is-over-by-antonio-diaz-oliva/. His second publication in this issue is a translator’s note to his translation of the short story “Life is Still the Same” by Dominican writer José Alcántara Almánzar. Both of these are available on this webpage: https://latinamericanliteraturetoday.org/2022/09/seeking-publisher-from-life-is-still-the-same-by-jose-alcantara-almanzar/. As you can tell from the title of the section, I am very much seeking a publisher for my translation of the short story collection Elusive Memory by José Alcántara Almánzar. Congratulations to Prof. Valerio!

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